Hi, I’m Albert Varkki, an Excel practitioner with over a decade of hands-on, real-world experience since 2010. My journey from an audit associate in a big 4 firm to the CFO of an FMCG company with total annual sales nearing $100 million USD has been invaluable. Now, as the co-founder of the luxury leather goods brand Von Baer and founder of ASV Excel, I leverage my Excel skills to steer strategic and operational decisions.

I firmly believe that powerful knowledge, like Excel mastery, should be shared, benefiting those who commit to learning. That’s why I’ve created this website, offering Excel templates, how-to videos, and courses (coming soon). By becoming proficient with Excel, you will:

✔ Accomplish more in less time

✔ Become more marketable for a job or promotion

✔ Propel yourself towards wealth and prosperity

ASV Excel is here to help you on this path to success and financial prosperity. Let’s harness the power of Excel and reach new heights together!

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